Movement and the Visual Arts - Conference and Performance Art 


Curator Glenn Phillips

Getty Center, Museum Lecture Hall, Harold M. Williams Auditorium

June 2-3, 2006

About Movement and the Visual Arts

Over the last 40 years boundaries between visual art, dance and performance have become increasingly fluid. With many artists moving continuously between multiple types of creative activity. Some of the most important artworks from this period defy easy classification, and at times it is difficult to determine whether a work should be considered dance, performance or even sculpture. This conference examines whether a more generalized rubric such as movement may be a productive starting point for the investigation of creative cohesions between these varied artistic practices.

L.A. Art Girls

LAAG is a collective of independent California based artists. The group began in 2004 as a means of encouraging discourse on contemporary art and as a way of introducing artists to one another. Throughout the day LAAG preformed short happenings, interventions and other impromptu activities inspired by the Jean Brown Fluxus Collection, currently housed at the Getty Research Institute Library. 

Participating LAAG:

Stephanie Allespach, Claudia Bucher, Sydney Croskery, Betsy Davis, Karen Dunbar,

Angela Ellsworth, Amber Arseneau, Anne Hars, Micol Hebron, Kristin Calabrese, Dawn Kasper,

Leigh McCarthy, Nancy Popp, Kim Schoenstadt, Felis Stella and Elizabeth Tremante