Woman Gleaning - Edit 2

Single Channel Video and Audio

20 minutes

Installation variable


Woman Gleaning

Woman Gleaning is a site-specific performance-installation project produced for the Ladyfest-Berlin Concert finale at SO36, August 13, 2011. The video screened inside the performance hall for the duration of the event. The animated work is produced with 3,500 still images collected from the internet in 2011. Searches are based on women artist, writers, philosophers, activist, athletes, entertainers and such, including feminist pop-culture. Woman Gleaning's performance-installation soundtrack was produced live from the bands that performed, Mensch, Monster and the Immigrant, Respect My Fist and Rodeo. The piece was performed throughout the five hour event in which I controlled the playback loop and speed of the video. The video's speed shifted in relation to the musical timing of the concert.

The images arranged in the video shows many of the stills screened in the original performance installation. It includes six song's from some of the music performed that night. The soundtrack includes Mensch-Island and This Charming Man, Respect My Fist-Radikal Tanzbar, Rodeo-This Time and Love Street, Monsterbeat and the Immigrant-Talked to a Gorilla.

Video Collages

These video collage's are an extension of the original Woman Gleaning installation. The collages reveal split-second video transition captures arbitrarily sequenced by their jpeg titling.