Art Center College of Design, MFA (Interdisciplinary)

Otis College of Art and Design (Masters Program - 1 year)

Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste Braunschwieg, Germany (Guest Student - 1 year)

School of the Art Institute Chicago, BFA (Photography, Film & Video)

Cleveland Institute of Art (Two years foundation Painting/Drawing)


Art Center College of Design, MFA Thesis Committee: Mike Kelley, Patti Podesta, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, M.A. Greenstein and Hirsch Perlman


Published Thesis - On The Horizon: Attention and the Event, 2006


Other artists and writers studied with: Lita Albuquerque, Heike Baranowsky, Amy Gerstner, Bruce Hainley, Larry Johnson,

William E. Jones, Norman Klein, John Knight, Diana Thater and Ruben Ortiz Torres 


Adjunct Assistant Professor at Los Angeles City College and Los Angeles Mission College

History of Photography, Digital Photography, Photojournalism


2017  Pomona College - Chan Gallery, Curator Tricia Avant  

         Woman’s Day Exhibition/Women's Art Work, Claremont, CA         

         Los Angeles City College - Da Vinci Gallery, A-Z, Organizer Stacey Wexler

         Armory Center for the Arts - Monster Drawing Rally, Curator Irene Santos, Pasadena, CA


2016  University of California Irvine - xMPL Theatre, Illuminations Series #2, Curator Ulysses Jenkins

         It's Your Party, Curator Nancy Buchanan, Irvine, CA

2012  Lucca Film Festival, Experimental (catalog), Lucca, Italy

2010  Downtown Art Walk, Play, Curator Micol Hebron, Los Angeles

2009  Women’s Caucus for Art: 5th International Video Shorts FestivalCurator Veronique Sapin, Los Angeles 

         Southwest Museum - Lummis House, Resurrect: El AlisalCurated by Arroyo Arts Collective

2008  Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Resolution 3 Symposium - 24hr Video Festival, Curator Micol Hebron 

         Pitzer College, Video Praxis in Global Spaces, Curated by Ciara Ennis and Ming-Yuen S. Ma, Claremont, CA 

         American Cinematheque, Old Town Pasadena Film Festival

2005  Silverlake Film Festival, Curator Darin Klein, Los Angeles

         New Media Festival, Prog: ME, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (catalog)



2011  Outpost for Contemporary Art, Sometimes, Curator Julie Deamer, Los Angeles 

         Orange Coast College, Get Down-Get Down, Curator Holly Topping, Los Angeles

         SO 36, Berlin, Ladyfest - Woman Gleaning, Berlin

2009  Project Space Kreuzberg, Berlin, Loveland and Vaquero

2007  Armory Northwest (Residency), Imaginings: Utopia or OtherwisePasadena, CA

2004  Art Center College of Design, On the Horizon: Attention and the EventPasadena, CA

         LA Times Theater, Art Center College of Design, Letter to Faye

2003  Art Center College of Design, Liminal Confrontations: Traffic, Weather and War, Pasadena, CA

2002  Art Center College of Design, Stalking Baldessari, Pasadena, CA



2016  University of California Irvine - xMPL Theatre, Illuminations Series #2, Curator Ulysses Jenkins,

         It's Your Party, Nancy Buchanan Collaboration, Irvine, CA

2014  Squaring the Circle - LAAG Make Camp, Curator Cindy Rehm, Llano Del Rio - Palmdale, CA

2013  Zeitgeist Interdisciplinary Art Center, Educational Complex Edit: Video from the Students of Mike Kelley,

         Curator Joseph Herring, New Orleans, Louisiana

         Armory Center for the Arts, Show and Tell, Curator Irene Santos and Assistant Curator Sinéad Finnerty-Pyne,

         Pasadena, CA

         Department of Art University of West Florida - Art Gallery (TAG, Curator Joseph Herring,

         Educational Complex Edit: Video from the Students of Mike Kelley,Pensacola, FL     

         Chaffey College - Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art, Occupy Museum (LA Art Girls), Curator Rebecca Trawick,

         Rancho Cucamonga, CA 

2013  Center for The Arts Eagle Rock, 11Th Annual Art Auction Benefit, Los Angeles

2012  Gallery Kronenboden, pur // photographies als statement, Curator Andreas Weinand, Berlin

         Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition,Curator Carol Stanakas, Los Angeles Goes Live/The Getty Museum,

         Spirit Resurrection, I Feel Like Two Wolfs Are Fighting In My Heart, Liz Glynn 

         Jancar Gallery, Narratives of the Perverse III recits des trois perverses - femmes seulement, Curators Tom Jancar and

         Tricia Avant, Los Angeles      

         Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Eat, Drink, Art, Curator Meg Madison

         The Getty Museum - Los Angeles Goes Live, Spine of the Earth,Lita Albuquerque, January 22, 2012, Los Angeles

2011  Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Pacific Standard Time Art in L.A.1945-1980/The Getty Museum Los Angeles  

         Goes Live Performance Art in Southern California 1970-1983, Debating Through the Arts 4: Contemporary Issues in  

         Performance Art, Curators Jerri Allyn and Inez Bush

         Armory Center for the Arts, Off The Wall (Auction), Pasadena, CA

2010  Kristi Engle Gallery, Monitor Show, Curator Kristi Engle, Los Angeles 

         Torrance Museum of Art, eros/thanataos, Curator Tricia Avant, Torrance, CA

2009  UCLA Fowler Museum, Building Bridges from Tehran to Los Angeles,Curator Marjan Vayghan, Los Angeles

         Emergence Enchanted, The Pike at Rainbow Harbor - TED Talk, Curator Krista Chael, Phantom Galleries Los Angeles,

         Long Beach, CA

         3rd Ward Gallery, Inflatables, Curator Patrick Flibotte, Brooklyn, NY

2008  Outpost for Contemporary Art, Intersections, Curator Julie Deamer, Los Angeles

​         The Getty Center,Overflow/Fluids (LA Art Girls), Curator Andrew Perchuk and Assistant Curator Donna Conwell,

         Los Angeles

         Armory Center for the Arts, Fluids (Getty Museum), Pasadena, CA

         Torrance Art Museum, Pix, Curator Kristina Newhouse, Torrance, CA      

         Museum of Contemporary Art, Talk Back (LA Art Girls) - Suzanne Lacy, Los Angeles     

2007  Torrance Art Museum, All In, Curator Lorraine Molina, Torrance, CA   

2006  Angles Gallery, Hysteria Deluxe, Curators Micol Hebron and Elizabeth Tremante, Los Angeles

         Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Draw a Line and Follow It, Fluxwear - LA Art Girls 

         California State University Long Beach - KBeach Radio, String Theory:Following the Threads of Feminism,

         Curator Kim Schoenstadt

         The Getty Center, Movement and the Visual Arts: T.A.P.E., LA Art Girls, Curator Glenn R. Phillips, Los Angeles 

2005  The University of Akron - Emily Davis Gallery, Horizon-A Visible Line of The In-Between: Time to Come and Time Elapsed,          Curator Deanna Skedel, Akron, OH

         Bedwetter Magazine Issue 10, Paxico Gallery, Curator Christopher Russell, Los Angeles 

         Spaces, Dissent: Political Voices, Curators Kristen Baumlier and Craig Lucas, Cleveland, OH  

         Armory Center for the Arts, Up Close, Pasadena, CA  

2004  Supersonic, Southern California Art Graduates at Art Center College of Design(catalog), Pasadena, CA

2002  The University of California - Wight Gallery Bi Annual, To Believe Much More 

         Than That (catalog), Los Angeles 

         William Turner Gallery, E= (catalog), Los Angeles

2001  Glendale College Art Gallery, Scapes, Curator Annabelle Aylmer, Glendale CA

1999  Otis College of Design, Idle Worship, Curator Collette Dartnell, Los Angeles   

        Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Moving Towards the MillenniumCurator Adriano Pedrosa



2011  SO 36, Ladyfest Concert Screenings, Berlin

2009  Project Space Kreuzberg, Berlin 

         Emergence Enchanted, Co-Curator Krista Chael, The Pike (T.E.D. Talk), Long Beach, CA

2008  Collection, The Re-Discovery Tour - Arroyo Seco Artists Collective, Los Angeles

2008  LAAGAFBLA08, (LA Art Girls Art Fair Biennale), Phantom Galleries Los Angeles, Coordinated with Tricia Avant  



2013  Akademie der Künste, Re.act Feminism, Curator Cathy ,Lecture presentation with Nancy Buchanan, Berlin

         Armory Center for the Arts, Show and Tell workshop, , Pasadena, CA

2012  CAA 100th Annual Conference, Contemporary Collaboratives and Collectives, Chairs: Sharon L. Butler - Eastern

         Connecticut State University, Micol Hebron - Chapman University, Los Angeles    

2011  Outpost for Contemporary Art, Artist Presentation, Moderator Micol Hebron, Curator Julie Deamer, Los Angeles

         The University of California, Photography, Artist Presentation, Moderator Craig Havens, Los Angeles

2009  Women’s Caucus for Art 5th International Video Shorts FestivalArtist Panel, Los Angeles

2007  Armory Center for the Arts, Artist Presentation, Imaginings: Utopia or Otherwise, Pasadena, CA

         Santa Monica Museum of Art, Artist Presentation and Workshop, Santa Monica, CA 

2006  Getty Research Institute, Discourse and Autonomy: Inventing the LA Art Girls, Moderator Jill Dawsey, Los Angeles

2005  Spaces, Artist Panel, Dissent, Cleveland, OH

         University of Southern California, Artist Presentation, Moderator Tad Beck, Los Angeles

2004  Otis College of Art and Design, Artist Presentation, Undergrad Seminar  

2003  University California San Diego, Lecture Series with John Welchman and Chris Balaschak, San Diego, CA  

2001  Glendale College, Artist Panel - Scapes, Moderator Annabelle Aylmer, Glendale, CA 



2009  T.E.D. Blog, Inspired by TED: Three astonishing art shows in Long BeachEditor Emily McManus, February 12, 2009 

2008  KPFK Pacifica Radio - Feminist Magazine, Interview with Lynn Ballen, July 16, 2008, Los Angeles

2006  Art Center College of Design - Published Thesis, On the Horizon: Attention and the Event

2005  The Plain Dealer Cleveland, Opposites Attract: A range of artist use extremes to make political statements,

         by Douglas Max Utter, May 12, 2005

         X-TRA Contemporary Art QuarterlyArtist Projects Volume 7.3, Cover and Honorarium, 2005

2004  Supersonic, Southern California Art Graduates at Art Center College of Design, Catalog text by Chris Balaschak

2002  The University of California - Wight Gallery, To Believe Much More Than That, Catalog text by Karl Haendel 

2000  Downtown News Los Angeles, Art Imitating Politics: DNC Art Exhibit Paints the Issues, by Victoria Looseleaf,

         June 5th, 2000



2007  Armory Northwest,  Artist in Residence, Pasadena, CA

         Torrance Art Museum, All In, Awarded 3rd Prize - Curator Lorraine Molina and Kristina Newhouse

2002  William Turner Gallery, E=, Awarded 2nd Prize, Venice, CA

2000  Art Center College of Design, MFA Scholarship Recipient, Pasadena, CA

1999  George’s Gallery, Photography Show, Awarded 1st Prize, Curator Ann Faison, Los Angeles

1991  School of the Art Institute Chicago, BFA Merit Scholarship Recipient, Chicago, IL 



Lucca Film Festival, Allan Kaprow Estate, The Getty Research Institute, Red Bull, 

Silver Lake Film Festival