Neon, 44” x 18"

Window Installation

Outpost for Contemporary Art

Ave. 50 and York Blvd, Los Angeles

Get Down Get Down

Window Installation

Nylon-mason bound fabric and letter props

A, R, T with rotating color light

Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA

Cardboard, light tubes, spotlight, reflective sheet
Window Installation
Project Space Kreuzberg, Berlin

Street Objects is a project that constructs site-specific works from discarded household items left on the street. The wrapped and bound objects are photographed and left in place.

Street Object #5

Found objects, fabric and mason line string 

Figueroa Street, Los Angeles

Street Object #3

Found objects, fabric and mason line string 

Coronado Street, Los Angeles


Nylon Inflatable

The Pike at Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach, CA



Pacific Electric Building Los Angeles


Street Installation (York Ave. between Ave. 50

and Ave. 52, Los Angeles)


Video and audio with pink frayed line

Armory Northwest, Pasadena, CA

Utopia or Otherwise

Mixed media

Armory Northwest, Pasadena, CA