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L.A.A.G. Make Camp 

LUNCH 12-1pm

Cold Borscht with Kefir (Vegan Option), Sourdough & Rye Bread - Felis Stella

Quinoa Salad - Krista Chael

Hard Boiled Eggs - Chloe Boleyn 

Sandwiches - Avocado/Cheese - Sydney Croskery

Pickled Carrots and Radishes - Stef Allespach


Thai Spring Rolls Tofu (Vegan) - Kelly Thompson

Potato Salad with Egg, Green Beans and Capers - Catherine Larson


DINNER 6-7pm

Gluten Free Savory Crepes (Mixed Greens, Mushroom, Parmesan/Feta) - Stef Allespach


Veggie Salad - Felis Stella

Veggie Chili  - Sydney Croskery

Sun Stove Apple Pie - Stephanie Oxley


Smores - Stef Allespach 



Scrambled Eggs (Organic Free Range, Buttermilk) - Chloe Boleyn


Gluten Free Crepes and Organic Blueberry Jam, Maple Syrup - Stef Allespach


Homemade Yogurt, Crushed Almonds and Organic Honey - Stef Allespach 



Butter, Rye Bread, Sour Cream - Felis Stella

Hummus - Sydney Croskery

Sourdough Bread, Homemade Kefir, Buttermilk and Water Kefir Soda - Stef Allespach


Drinks and Greens, Lots of Cereal - Marjan Vayghan

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