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A place of transfiguration, Shadow Factory: Teufelsberg is a work that highlights the fluid nature of space and time. Destroyed walls and broken bottles intermingle with ambient considerations: smoke, clouds, concrete and steel all equally ephemeral. Shot in an abandoned American spy center, this ECHELON was built in West Berlin during the Cold War for N.S.A. surveillance of East Germany. The building sits atop the cities highest elevation which was formed by rubble from WWII. Today Devil’s Mountain, and its vacated listening station, is sanctioned parkland - its acoustic geodomes house music happenings, graffiti and squatter camps.

Single or two-channel video and audio 

8 min.

Musicians Tatsumi Ryusui and Kyouta Kouyama


Shadow Factory: Teufelsberg was chosen 

for the Lucca Film Festival 

Experimental Selection

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